How to avoid learning XML


May 18, 2003

Revision History
Revision 1.1May 18, 2004
Mentioning new editors like XMLMind's XXE and Syntext's Serna. Other minor updates.
Revision 1.0March 25, 2003
Version delivered to Online SIG at local STC meeting.
Revision .1March 23, 2003
Initial draft.


1. Goals of this talk
2. What is DocBook?
2.1. What does DocBook look like?
2.2. Ok, but what is DocBook really?
2.3. What can DocBook be made to look like?
3. How do I write a DocBook document?
3.1. How do I transform a DocBook document?
3.2. What is fo and what is a fo renderer?
3.3. How do I change the way the output looks?
3.4. Generated text
3.5. What if there is no parameter for the thing I want to change?
3.6. Glossary generation
3.7. Profiling
3.8. The directory structure of the distribution
4. References and Resources
4.1. DocBook
4.2. XSLT
4.3. XSLFO
4.4. Questions and Answers

List of Examples

1. Sample DocBook XML:
2. Sample XHTML:
3. The DocBook converted to html and rendered:
4. Pointing the XSLs to your master glossary
5. A very small master glossary
6. Using glossary term in your document
7. Some paras ready to be profiled
8. Running Saxon with profiling